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Integrated Tape Drum and Tape Drum Support

New and improved Tape Drum and Tape Drum support offer ease of installation and smooth operation through it unique and patented design. The Tape Drum installs into a cradle on the Tape Drum Support which makes the tilting function smoother and easier. The Tape Drum is designed to accept both ladder string tape as well as fabric tape in the same component which eliminates the need to carry two components, thereby reducing your inventory and SKU's. The Tape Drum Supports are redesigned to install towards the back of the head rail. This leaves the front of the head rail with clear access to cord the blinds during assembly. We have improved our production efficiency by 15% since implementing this new system. The components are designed to fit standard Head Rails and existing punch holes and are available for both High Profile and Low Profile systems.

35mm cord lock cover 35mm cord lock housing 35mm cord lock roller
  • Patented “Dual-Use” Tape drum design for Ladder and fabric tape
  • Bearing shoulders of tape drum for smoother operation
  • Patented “Easy to install” features make fabrication easier. New design of the tape drum support puts support braces to the back of the head rail, leaving free access to cords and ladders in the front of the head rail for easier assembly.


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